Richard B. Russell Student Leadership Award

The Richard B. Russell Student Leadership Award is given each year to two Blue Key members who have demonstrated leadership ability and potential. This scholarship award honors the memory of the late Senator Richard B. Russell, a 1918 graduate of the UGA School of Law, who recognized and supported the University’s efforts to train and encourage future leaders of Georgia.

Past Recipients

RecipientAffiliationYear Awarded
Adam Sparks2004
Joseph M. Kendrick2005
Rajesh Shah2006
Mia Catharine Morgan2007
Andrew M. Rasmussen2008
Courtney A. Kupets2008
Lucas L. Puente2009
W. Amos Tuck2010
Lincoln Larson2011
J. Wells Ellenberg2012
Smitha Ganeshan2013
Wesley S. Roberts2014
Tiffany K. Chu2014
Marco A. Roca Jr.2015
Chelsea D. Fitzhugh2015
Houston A. Gaines2016
Catherine M. Callaway2016
Benjamin A. Torres2017
Rachel A. Zilinskas2017
Caleb Wiff2018
Manasa L. Kadiyala2018
Grant H. Mercer2019
Kathleen Reynolds2019
Jessica L. Meaders2020
Nicholas M. Yanek2020
Celena M. Michaud2021
Frank G. Lumpkin IV2021
Mikaela K.A. Dallas2022
Joshua D. Gregory2022