AT&T Student Leadership Award

The AT&T Student Leadership Award is given each year to two Blue Key student members who have demonstrated outstanding leadership ability and potential. The award is a scholarship made possible by generous support from AT&T, in honor of the late Jasper Dorsey. Dorsey served for years as a top executive with Southern Bell Telephone Company and who was instrumental in establishing the Blue Key tradition at UGA.

Past Recipients

RecipientAffiliationYear Awarded
Jim Ludlam2001
Rina Rakkhit2001
Amy Unterborn2002
Emory Patterson2002
Sachin Varghese2003
Virginia Pate2003
Latham G. Saddler, III2004
Samantha Arsenault2004
Matt Wilson2005
Melissa Cabinian2005
Jayanthi Narain2006
D. Andrew Dill2006
Kramer M. Johnson2007
Amy C. Chandler2007
Kevin K. Chang2008
Kathryn A. Bowers2008
Conner L. McCarthy2009
Megan M. Bruner2009
Tracy J. Yang2010
Joshua D. Delaney2010
J. Cole Phillips2011
Sarah T. Vakili2011
Theresa Stratmann2012
Peter L. Geckeler2012
Kimberly H. Yau2013
R. Davis Mastin2013
Marshall E. Mosher2014
Madeline N. Locus2014
Shaun H. Kleber2015
Amelia K. Watson2015
Matthew A. Pace2016
Adrianne M. Smith2016
David C. Elrod2017
Evan S. Johnson2017
Nicholas J. Lindell2018
Jenna N. Embrey2018
Connor M. Lawhead2019
Avni S. Ahuja2019
Ramatulai Jagne2020
Marques R. Dexter2020
Kristine P. Nguyen2021
Jaquarius K. Raglin2021
Abigail R. Doorley2022
Adolfo A. Martinez2022